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Optogate PB-05 M || Automatic Microphone Switch || Mute ||

Optogate PB-05 M || Automatic Microphone Switch || Mute ||


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Optogate PB-05 M

Optogate PB-05 M Automatic Microphone Switches have been around for over a decade!

This gadget is the top special request from lead vocalists doing live performances to their primary touring companies, audio production companies, sound engineers, & audio technicians.

We suggest for every wired vocal microphone on stage to put an optogate on it! 

This optogate model PB-05 M :

  1. attaches through the back of the mic through the 3 pin XLR male and female attachment areas. 

  2. No batteries or extra cables required -it is phantom powered through your mixer. 

  3. Includes tool to set the proximity sensor distance to the musicians vocal technique.
  • now when musician is ready to sing

“Mic ON”

  • when musician needs a break or needs to chat to someone else

“Mic OFF”

(About -42 db)

  • There is now Less possibility of feedback in your unused open mics. 

  • Greater control of stage volume
  • Perception of increased headroom capacity in amps and FOH monitors.
  • Sound Clarity everyone will love


From music artists themselves to Front Of House (FOH) , Music Directors (MD’s), Worship Leaders, and yes your live audience demand you get enough automatic mute switch Optogates to improve sound clarity & heal the bleed. ( we don’t wanna say “kill the bleed” because we wanna bring life to your productions & performances) .

When musician is in range of sensor : Mic is On
When musician is out of range of sensor:  Mic is off. 

– 42 dB attenuation, effectively turning the mic off.

– XLR 3-pin connectors (1 = gnd, 2 = plus, 3 = minus)

The PB-05 is available in 2 versions.

If using in ear monitors or talk back mics get the PB-05 D (audio-duck)

Both units can be used with dynamic or condenser mics, have an adjustable distance “sensitivity” and have a bypass switch on top of the unit.

Optogate PB-05
Dimensions: 69mm Length x 35mm Height x 21mm width
Connectors: XLR 3-pin (1 = gnd, 2 = plus, 3 = minus)
Case construction: Aircraft-aluminum, black galvanized
Distance Adjustable between 15 - 120 cm (depending of the type of reflection surface)
Switching noise: Immeasurable
Frequency responses 0 Hz - 30kHz, - 3 dB at 150 Ohm Microphone impedance
Signal noise ratio: -114 dB / -122 dB, Mic on / off, 150 Ohm Mic.
Distortion < 0,05 % with 100mV signal
Delay time mic on: < 0,2 Sec
Delay time mic off: ca. 1 Sec
Attenuation "mic on": 0 dB
Attenuation "mic off": 16 dB or 42 dB in connection with 150 Ohm mics, depending of the model
Usable mic types: All types of dynamic - Phantom powered mics up to 10 mA current consumption (M and D models)
Maximum input level: 3 dB (1,1V)
Operating temperature: 0 - 55 degrees Celsius
Background light range: 0 - 20000 Lux daylight and 0 - 12000 Lux electric light bulb
Distance measurement: Active infrared reflection principle with 3 bit code
Power: 24-48 V Phantom power (passes phantom power to the microphone)
Current consumption: ca. 3.7 mA

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