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Optogate PB 05-D Automatic Microphone Switch || Audio-Ducking ||

Optogate PB 05-D Automatic Microphone Switch || Audio-Ducking ||


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Optogate PB 05-D

An Automatic Mic Switch for wired microphone stage set ups needing some sound bleed but not complete mute.

When musician is in range of infrared proximity sensor :

“Mic On”

When musician is out of range of infrared proximity sensor:

” Mic off ”

(well in this case:

 reduces the signal by -16 dB, in the “Mic Off” positions.) so let’s call it…

 “Mic Duck”

Musicians who use in ear monitoring will most likely want this model.  

Audio engineers, Music Directors, Worship Leaders, and Sound Technicians 

You will witness:
  • Better Sound clarity
  • Reduced possibility of feedback issues from unused open mics
  • Control of stage volumes ( that ringing in the ears may stop & musicians will be able to talk with each other)
  • More usable headroom of your monitors and FOH reinforcement amps 
(Optogate is Way easier then using a noise gate).

The Optogate PB-05D attaches through the XLR 3-pin connector to the microphone then into the cable that leads to sound mixer/speaker/amp

Powered via phantom power & can be used with dynamic or condenser mics.
 It has an adjustable distance “sensitivity”  
And bypass switch on top of the unit if needed.

Sound engineers will set up infrared mic range according to the vocal musicians mic technique.

Optogate is German engineered product. Here is a lil more info for you to geek out on.  

The clarity of your mix and the dynamics (both on stage and in the audience) will be dramatically increased due to reduced phase cancellation and reduced unwanted background noise.

Model  PB-05D (ducking)

The PB-05 is available in 2 versions.
The PB-05 M is the mute version if you prefer that one. 

OPTOGATE is ideal for lead and backing vocal mics, acoustical instruments and talk back mics. It is the best and easiest solution for the most common problems in live applications. It eliminates unwanted background noise of other instruments into unused microphones on stage.

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