Optogate Vocal Mute Microphone Proximity Switch.

“Change the way music is served today”

Optogate Online provides Automatic Microphone Switches to Reduce feedback with Optical Proximity sensors via Infrared lasers. They switch mic on or off based on the set distance of the musician to the mic. An Optical noise gate for your vocals.

Mutes the Mic for you so you don't have to.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Uses Infrared Tech to mute and unmute the microphone for you.

How does Optogate work? What does it do?

Optogate is for Audio Engineers, Sound Techs, DJ's, Music Directors, Theater Directors, Playback Engineers, & Worship Leaders alike.

"It is amazing when you have your vocal mics muted. The difference it makes is obvious sonically in terms of sound clarity and stage volume.
The monitors clean up, so you can hear yourself and band mates more clearly.

The mains become clearer and amps have more usable headroom for things like the vocals and drums to come through.

The first time I used them with my band, i had people come up to me and say " i don't know what you guys did, but your sound was so much better than ever before"

The Grateful Dead, who were pioneers of developing great sound, used to insure all vocal mics were muted by using trigger pads under the carpets that triggered the "key input" to the gates, but this is costly, custom made, bulky and required long setup time and extra snake channels... which is impractical for most people..

Unfortunately, even the best engineers won't mute the mics, for fear of a missed cue....

The sonic difference for band and audience is amazing.

Also imagine as a guitar player not having to compete against the monitor "bleed" from the vocal mics. Which makes you turn up louder, only to cause the bleed get louder....and so on.

Once you use this, you will never want to go back.... many big and small acts are using these Optogates."

Review From thegearpage.com

Be sure get enough Optogates to cover every vocal musicians microphone. You will witness improved sound clarity, lower stage volumes, and greater headroom capacity in your amps. (IEM users: No more ringing in the ears)