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Optogate PB 05 - M Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Kyle Russell
Great Product

Has helped take our in ear talk back mic bleed completely out!! Works great!! Truly glad we purchased them!!

Adriel Ferguson
Shipping Times

I’ve actually been wanting to buy this for some time but the one deterrent was how long it was going to take to come standard shipping. Since I really wanted the product and had need for it for an event, I went ahead and did an expedited option. I paid for 2 day air and it doesn’t really mean you’ll get it in 2 days— and for 30 extra dollars, that was disappointing.

1st off , Thank Your order and bringing this to our attention!

Your order was placed late evening 8pm . Anything ordered after 5pm is more likely to be shipped next day due to logistics in our area.

We did our best to get your order delivered as soon possible. We even upgraded your shipping at our cost which was an additional $6.70. We are just as much disapointed with UPS as you are.

This is not a typical scenario for delivery. We usually have had great a experience with UPS.

Lets work together to put in a claim for a shipping refund for you with UPS. You should be entitled to a shipping refund if we can prove that they failed to deliver a service they promised.

We hope to hear more about your user experience with Optogate in the future.

Keep us posted.

- Joe

Scott Hanson
Great device!

This little device works wonder to prevent stage bleed in your mix. I love the ability to set the distance to the mic, the vocalist needs to be to open the gate. Wonderful product.

Charles Jernigan
Works Great

Works exactly how I need it to. Great job on this product.

Brody Stewart
All talkback, Music Directors, Band Directors, YOU NEED THIS!!

This optogate is the game changer. If your band, church, or venue uses a talkback microphone for FOH, Music Director, or communicating to your team/band, optogate puts the power on you instead of your FOH audio engineer.You can change the sensitivity on when it reads you in front of the mic. I have one at every talkback station in my church in San Antonio/Boerne, TX.

Optogate PB 05-D Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
billy arviso
Great Product and Amazing Customer Service

This product is awesome and the customer service is great. Right after ordering Joe messaged me explaining what each optogate does, and asked my needs for it and made sure i ordered the right one. Thank you Joe you're great.


Really great product does exactly what it’s supposed to do and I love it

Nathan Teikari
Optogate keeps my mix clean and how I intend it to sound.

I tour mixing for a very dynamic rock/prog/jam band who plays in a variety of venues; sometimes we’re on a big stage outdoors in front of 2000 people, sometimes we’re crammed in a little 250 cap room. My bass guitar vocal lives directly next to our drum kit, with a ton of bleed coming from the cymbals, even when using a hyper or super cardioid vocal mic. It was often an issue that the cymbals would sound super washy/weird/phasey and I’d ultimately have to pull down the fader my super nice/detailed overheads, or conversely I’d pull the bass vocal down during an instrumental section, and then be super late to bring it back up when he talked or sang. Enter the Optogate PB-05D, which ducks the vocal just enough to clear up the wash and weirdness when he’s not on it, and opens right up (with a little work via the distance adjustment) when he’s ready to talk or sing. My shows sound better, I look like more of a professional, and he’s happy because he’s not getting the bleed in his IEMs. All around a winner of a product, especially for my touring situation.

Ronnie Ficarro
The Optogate saved my mix!

I’ve been playing live with bleed from my vocal mic in my monitor mix for years. I learned to deal with it as nothing really could be done…. Until I found out about the Optogate! It completely killed the Bleed from my Mic and for the first time I could hear the mix I wanted! Thank you Optogate for saving my mix and killin the bleed!

Also my Front of house engineer loves it as well because it kills the bleed for him too! Not only did it clean up my monitor mix, it also cleaned up the house mix!

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