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Optogate PB-06

Optogate PB-06

Infrared automatic microphone switch. Sensitivity is adjustable by distance and has a bypass switch on top. It is phantom powered. This unit results in approximately -42db, effectively a full Mute.
This unit is designed to mount under a podium or lectern.
The PB-06 comes in an abs plastic housing what can be fixed with Velcro tape under a table. The PB-06 works with 48V phantom power. Just switch on the 48V on the console and the Optogate is active. The phantom power passes through the Optogate to the microphone. If you use dynamic mics you can "remote control" the unit with the phantom power switch. The microphone is switched on when the phantom power is switched off. Before turning on or off the phantom power please mute the channel in order to prevent switching noise.
You have already found 3 LED devices on one side. The middle device is a red status LED. It indicates if somebody is in front of the unit and the microphone is switched on. The outer LED’s are the infrared transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter will send 16 pulses per second if the phantom power is switched on. The Optogate will switch the mic on if there is any signal reflected from a surface back to the receiver.
The distance from the mic to the performer in which the unit opens and closes is adjustable with the help of a potentiometer inside. The distance will increase by turning the pot to the right for a maximum distance of about 4 feet and will decrease the distance by turning the pot to the left. Please be aware that some black materials are not able to reflect infrared signals back very well, which in turn decrease the distance. Please experiment with the potentiometer to fine-tune the distance together with the performer before using live. It also would be helpful to have your show lighting active while adjusting. The width of the sensor is about 15 degrees wide from the unit. The mic will be switched off if the artist moves out of this angle. If you turn the potentiometer clockwise (right) out of the useable area, the mic will be switched on completely. If this happens, just turn the pot slightly to the left until the Optogate works again.
We suggest that the engineer work with each performer to explain the operation of the unit and then set the range of the Optogate to fit his or her mic technique and stage set-up. As a rule the closer the performer is to the mic, the better the results will be due to eliminating the ambient lighting variables.
The Optogates work well with dynamic mics and condenser mics up to 10 mA. You may find out that the switch off time of the indicator led can be a bit different from the real audio switch time depending of the mic type. A small pwm routine in the Optogate is responsible for it in order to prevent switching noise. The pot will cover a wide range of mics. The distance range of the Optogate can change a bit when the ambient light changes. Like every other infrared device on the market the Optogate units do not work correctly if direct sunlight or other very high power infrared signals hits the sensor. That is in the "nature" of the infrared technology due to the random high power infrared spectrum in the sunlight. You can try it with your remote control of your home sound system. No infrared sensor of CD-players, TV’s etc. will work in direct sunlight. If direct sunlight hits the sensor the Optogate will be triggered and the mic will be “on”. The unit will work again if somebody moves between the sun and the sensor. It is always a good idea to check the range of your Optogates when changing venues, especially outdoors with direct sunlight.

Shipments outside USA will be subject to Custom Duty taxes Optogate Online will not responsible for these expenses.

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