How does Optogate work?

How does Optogate work?

The only Automatic Microphone Switch for Live sound & Performances. Reduce noise feedback with Optical Infrared Proximity Sensors. This is an automatic vocal mute switch. 


Optogate Automatic Microphone Switches

Provided by Optogate Online for Canada, USA , Mexico, Central America , and South America use infrared technology to sense when a vocalist is in range of microphone. The device will automatically trigger a reduction of gain determined by setting the proximity sensor dial. 

Optogates could also be described as optical proximity sensor microphone noise gates. 

This is an XLR accessory that can be attached to any style of microphone that uses xlr connection .

It will work with condenser microphones as well as dynamic microphones.

As you can see in the image above this is what the optogate PB 05 series looks like. The gain reduction varies from the M and D models .

The Optogate PB-05 M will reduce gain by -42 db.

the Optogate PB-05 D will reduce gain by -16db.


We do offer the Optogate PB-07 which will work the same gain reduction as the M . This unit has the proximity sensors on a different location. You would mount this unit onto a mic stand to face the body of a vocalist or drummer or music director. 

On our homepage or at any product page you can see a video that shows how a popular musician uses His optogate for live shows. 


In conclusion :

How does Optogate work? It mutes and unmutes the mic for you, so you don’t have to. Optogate will automatically trigger a reduction of gain going from mic to mixer. Automatic Microphone Switches Provided by Optogate Online use infrared technology to function as a microphone noise gate. Cleans up the live sound mix.

We have reviews on YouTube Channel @optogate that show off the product by Front of House engineers to Musicians to Audio Production company’s. 

If you want to connect on LinkedIn feel free to find us on there too where we share more use cases of Optogates being deployed for live concerts. Optogate Online @optogate

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