Where to Buy an Optogate?

Where to Buy an Optogate? 

OptogateOnline is the best distributor of Optogate in North America and South America. 

FROM CANADA, USA, MEXICO, COSTA RICA, COLOMBIA, BRAZIL, CHILE, ARGENTINA and Everywhere in between get your Optogate here.

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You can choose from a lot of websites when doing a Google search for Optogate Automatic Microphone switches. 

It can be difficult finding a Optogate reseller you can trust to get you what you want and on time when you need it.  

Optogate Microphone Switches for sale in North America and South America.

We have built trust with our clients from major touring companies like Claire Global to creative production performances like Cirque du Soleil .

Not to mention a ton of bands, clubs, music artists, sound engineers, audio Techs, Playback Engineers,  Churches, and Creative Non Profit Production/Theaters.

This publication provides a cool project using Optogates to replicate GrateFul Deads Wall of Sound. 

The point is We have Over 10 years of providing reliable service and quick shipment of any number of units for Automatic Infrared Proximity Microphone Switches.

We are in always in stock of update hardware for Optogate.