The Use of Optogate Optical Proximity Sensor Mic Switches in the Music Industry

"Mic ON Mic OFF Optogate Mic Switch"

Audio Technology can be a hassle to figure out.

When it comes to Audio Engineering, Music Directing, etc for  live performances sometimes the tech will work against you. Like microphone gates that falsely trigger prematurely giving you a result you don’t want.
When you Sound engineer have something that works for a scenario,  by all means go use it! 

The show must go on but not at the risk of loosing sound clarity and communication.  It is vital and mandatory for your artists, performances, the stage team , and for the audience to get the best experience. 

It can be hard to justify adapting to new workflows for stage set ups. Unless you know you're getting something more out of it. What if I told you theres an A.i. microphone feed back accessory with a solution as simple as plug-in it, dial in and play. 

Rugged as ever, backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Check out the pb o5 m 

(A.I = Automatic Infrared. ) Optogate  still has very intelligent designs and form factors.
The Live Audio music industry has advanced and for those using decade old technology without iterations are the ones missing out on great sound clarity. 

There is an infrared optical proximity sensor microphone switch that was created in Germany about over a decade ago. I started using them when I played a band,  then i started selling them because of how much I saw they made a difference.

These Mic switch gates have continuously been improved over the years and now performers are straying away from relying only on software triggers in audio and moving toward hardware solutions .

They are an optical proximity sensors that are powered by phantom power and connect directing between xlr mic and cable that leads to mixer or sound board. They allow for greater clarity in audio by creating reduction in gain when microphone user is out of range of sensor. they will automatically switch on when user is in range with out any sound blemish or buzz. 

Rugged as ever, backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Check out the pb o5 m

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